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The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is a free online program to help you make the changes to your lifestyle which you see as important.

It sets out an easy to follow and step by step plan by which you establish the goals that are important for your progress and shows you how to set up an individualised program to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

The Phoenix Plan is not a commercial based program and does not attempt to sell or oblige you to purchase any resources. It is provided as a free public service to all. You are never required to register with the web site or to divulge any personal details.

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan invites you to pause and to take a close look at your present lifestyle. If you are entirely happy with it, congratulate yourself and pass on... But, if you are not now getting all that you want from life, then this web site is a free opportunity to make some worthwhile changes.

Most of us acknowledge that, at times, we become aware that the pattern of our lives is not working out as we had hoped or intended. This can give rise to disillusionment, deep frustration and sometimes depression. We eventually come to realise that the only way to change things for the better is by taking stock of what is wrong and working out some goals which will take us closer to the way of life we seek. This course of action may be fairly easy to articulate but it is much harder to take the action steps which will bring about the desired changes. Many people are not sure as to how best to go about setting up a plan which will lead to the successful achievement of the goals they need to work at.

This is where the Phoenix Plan can help you. It provides a free, online based, step-by-step program which will show how to make a worthwhile lifestyle evaluation. It explains how to work out your priority goals and suggests the adoption of a specific timeframe in which these goals might be achieved. It does NOT tell you which goals you have to follow and it never tries to intimidate you with a closed set of values and/or beliefs. Perhaps, best of all, it’s completely free to follow and there will never be anything to pay  for or purchase.

But there is one cost: this involves making a commitment to making changes to your existing lifestyle. It demands your personal time and a consistent willingness to maintaining the effort to achieve your selected goals. You need to be convinced that this “price” is worth the long-term benefits.

Why not have a closer look at the Phoenix Plan and see if it can offer you something of help? There is a link below which will take you to a web site presentation where you can learn more about the Plan’s set up and structure.

Additionally there is a free downloadable ebook about the Phoenix Plan available from this site [see Free Ebook page] but it is suggested that you first read through the presentation and then return to this site. To go to the presentation site, click on the link below:


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