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You are largely the architect of your own lifestyle - Take  responsibility to build it to your specifications

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Your Happiness

Your level of personal happiness is largely self-created. I believe that every individual is largely responsible for the present state of their lifestyle and that each individual has the power to make changes to improve it.

For some, this may prove to be a hard to accept concept. Many people believe that the quality of their life is determined by the nature of the external events which crowd in on them. If you really accept this pessimistic belief, then you come close to cancelling out any hope for real improvement in your day to day existence. You become buffeted and controlled by the decisions of others and the random happenings of life. As a result, your thinking can become quite negative, leading to sadness, anxiety and depression at what life is handing out to you. All in all, not an attractive proposition.

On the other hand, if you believe in your own power to make the changes in your life that are important to you, then you can generally feel optimistic and positive about the future. You can choose to be happy and can order your lifestyle so that you generally feel fulfilled and at peace with yourself. Of course, bringing about change is not always easy and requires continuous application of effort. Results may come slowly but will nevertheless happen. You also need to have faith in your own ability to implement the life changes you consider necessary. Yet the end result - a happier lifestyle - is well worth the effort.

How do you make the lifestyle changes you want? It is generally considered that you need to work out new goals to bring about change. Goals are pathways to the state of life you aspire to. To achieve any goal you have to tread its pathway. In other words, over time, you need to do the things that will make your particular goal a reality in your new and better lifestyle. So a certain amount of self-discipline is required. If you don't have this or can't develop it your life is not likely to change to how you want it to be.

This is where this web site can assist you.It offers you a ready made plan to make those positive changes to your existing lifestyle which are necessary for your greater personal happiness.The plan - the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan - has been designed to give you maximum assistance in bringing about these changes in eight to ten weeks. Its program is online, completely free and provides step by step guidance on how best to achieve your self-chosen goals which will lead to greater personal happiness.

You don't have to register to use the Phoenix Plan and it doesn't require you to accept any particular philosophical or religious beliefs. You can read more about it on the Phoenix Plan page of this site

Before reading further about the Phoenix Plan here a few questions which I invite you to think about. Your answers will help you later when deciding whether the Plan’s program can help you to increase your personal happiness.

What are your views on whether or not you have some control over the quality of your lifestyle and your own happiness?

What kinds of things about your present lifestyle cause you concern and threaten your peace of mind?

What would be the three [or five] most important new goals in your own life?

Are you satisfied with your present level of happiness? If not, do you have a recipe to improve it?

Would you say that there is an appropriate life balance between your home life, career and outside interests?

Is there a major handicap in your life which is blocking your level of happiness? If so, what options do you have for dealing with it?

Do you have a warm and rewarding close relationship with another person? Can this person support you when you are feeling low?

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